Introducing the Water Series by Best-Selling Photographer Betsy Cameron

Introducing the Water Series by Best-Selling Photographer Betsy Cameron

McGaw Graphics is thrilled to welcome (back) photographer Betsy Cameron with her new and stunning collection of 12 prints titled the Water Series. Betsy is best known for her celebrated photos of children in a vintage nostalgic style, including the world famous print Two Children, which was one of McGaw’s best selling posters of all time. Her newest collection of prints, exclusively available at McGaw Graphics, is a series of tranquil, ethereal abstracted water photos celebrating the beauty of this endangered natural resource.

Betsy Cameron’s passion for her new water series originated with her studies of Japanese researcher Masuro Emoto who discovered that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. While creating beautiful ice crystals from a drop of pure water, Emoto observed the reaction that took place with the addition of positive thought, words, prayer, and music. Having grown up near the ocean, Cameron was already a believer in the healing powers of ocean waters. This belief encouraged more research and understanding of water’s power and the path society has taken our most precious resource today.

The beauty of the familiar that lies beneath water’s unassuming simplicity proved visually mesmerizing to Cameron. While photographically exploring water with a keen eye she found constant surprises of line, color, shape and texture, previously unimagined.

Infused with a desire to share water’s remarkable nature and incomparable natural beauty, Cameron also strives to bring awareness of our water’s current plight through this collection; a mission she feels is as important as pure water is to the world. 

“After all is said and done, this gorgeous force of nature, which literally gives us life, connects all of us in spirit. Changing, flowing, alive and free. Isn’t that what you want to be?” – Betsy Cameron. 

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