New Andy Warhol 2019 Poster Catalog

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New Andy Warhol 2019 Poster Catalog

Launching today is a new collection of open edition Andy Warhol posters.  Produced in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, the new hardcover catalog features 232 images with 40 new pieces.

This comprehensive poster catalog comes at a time that Pop artist and icon Andy Warhol is as relevant as he was during the height of his career. With major brand partnerships, Super Bowl commercials, and a landmark exhibition making its way across the United States, Warhol’s work continues to inspire generations of fans who appreciate his brilliant visual language and insightful commentary. 

This new 2019 catalog includes the most celebrated works and unpublished gems from Warhol’s illustrious portfolio covering the many key periods of his career.  New to the collection are 1950’s illustrations, pop art flowers, diamond dust shoes, animals, and dollar signs, portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Mao, Annie Oakley and Debbie Harry, abstract camouflage, shadows, and sunsets, photobooth quotes, photography by Nat Finkelstein, and more.  

“The Warhol Foundation is delighted to celebrate Warhol’s legacy through an extensive new catalogue of posters representing the breadth and depth of Warhol’s oeuvre,” said Michael Dayton Hermann of the Warhol Foundation. “Proceeds from this terrific new collection will generously contribute to the foundation’s endowment from which it has distributed over $200MM in cash grants to date in support of the visual arts.”

McGaw’s 2019 Warhol Catalog continues to represent Warhol’s most iconic Pop Art works such as the Campbell’s Soup cans and celebrity portraits as well as his early illustrations and later abstract works.   

All images are available on poster paper and giclee paper in a range of sizes. 

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