Reflecting on the Best of 2017

Reflecting on the Best of 2017

With a new year on the horizon, we take the time to look back on the new prints released throughout 2017. To celebrate the “Best of 2017” we have curated assortments of the top selling images in each key category. 

Best of 2017 Figurative

In April we launched our first-ever collection dedicated to Figurative art, and we have seen a great response to the fresh art by established McGaw artists such as Jessica Durrant and Loui Jover and new artists Mandy Tsung and Janos Huszti introduced therein. Shop Top 2017 Figurative

Best of 2017 Landscape and Coastal

In 2017 McGaw Graphics launched a range of exciting new landscape prints including abstract, contemporary, western, colorful and whimsical, rural and coastal. This assortment of the top landscape and coastal images released in 2017 includes works by newcomers Karen Mathison Schmidt and Brent Cotton, and McGaw best-sellers Zhen Huan Lu and Libby Smart. Shop Top 2017 Landscape and Coastal.

Best of 2017 Abstract

From soft and painterly to minimalist and geometric, McGaw Graphics introduced a diverse group of abstract prints in 2017. This collection features the top abstract images released in 2017 including works by Margaret Juul, Alicia Dunn, Helen Wells, Rob Delamater and others. Shop Top 2017 Abstract.

Best of 2017 Wildlife

Whether you are looking for true-to-life photography and contemporary realism or something more whimsical, McGaw Graphics’ wildlife prints released in 2017 spanned the gamut. Our collection of top wildlife images released in 2017 includes the colorful works of Steven Schuman and Jennifer Lommers, more painterly images by Mark Kelso and Chad Poppleton, and photography by Art Wolfe and Jason Savage. Shop Top 2017 Wildlife.

Best of 2017 Photography

From tree-lined paths, coastal and southwest scenes, to natural elements like water and succulents, McGaw Graphics introduced some of the finest photographic images to date this year. We have curated a selection of top photographs including works by Robert Lott, David Lorenz Winston, Barry Hart, and Betsy Cameron. Shop Top 2017 Photography.

Best of 2017 Museum


Rounding out a year of exciting art releases is our collection of top Museum prints released in 2017. Museum is one of McGaw Graphics’ strongest image categories, and this year we added new works from some of the most prestigious museum collections including the Guggenheim Museum, The National Gallery of Art, and the Barnes Foundation. Last month we introduced the 2018 Museum Collection which featured nearly 200 masterpieces from some of the greatest museum masters with imagery ranging from Post-Impressionism to Abstract Expressionism. We have curated an assortment of the top museum images released in 2017 to complete our celebration of the “Best of 2017”, including works by Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Wayne Thiebaud, Henri de Toulouse Lautrec and others. Shop Top 2017 Museum.