Trend Watch - Gallery Walls

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Trend Watch - Gallery Walls

One of the biggest trends we’ve seen in wall décor in recent months has been the gallery wall. Composed of images in an array of shapes, sizes, and frame styles, gallery walls are often eclectic reflections of personality and style. Using several images to fill a wall rather than one large image, there is greater freedom to build a story and theme using a grouping of images. Gallery walls can be tricky to build since there are many factors to consider that give a wall balance. Design experts cite the following suggestions to guide one through putting together a winning gallery wall:

1 – Have fun picking the art. This is a chance to make a personal statement at your home. Pick 4-10 images (or more, depending on space).

2 – Create an anchor. Select one large piece or 2 to 4 images and hang them in the center at the same height to create and anchor for the other images.

3 – Choose a color theme. It’s good to have a consistent color palette, but it’s ok to stray outside color constraints for an easier, less fussy look. Scatter the darker pieces throughout the layout so that they aren’t clustered together.

4 – Play with the layout until it feels right. Lay the framed pieces on the floor and take pictures of the different configurations until you find the one that works best. Use a variety of sizes and alternate orientations to create visual interest.

5 – Be consistent with spacing. Keep at least 3” between the images. If they are closer the wall may look crowded and if they are too far apart it may not look intentional.

6 – Use 2-3 different frame styles. Since it’s best to frame for the art, not the space, using more than one frame style provides options for each piece.