Trends From the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair

Trends From the 2017 Milan Furniture Fair

In April the Milan Furniture Fair celebrated its 56th year of setting new trends in home décor. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, there were 5 trends that stood out as Best-in-Show this year.

“Rust in the Wind” – Shades of rust, oxblood, and cinnabar. Shown with deep greens and mustard shades, the trio evokes a sophisticated earthiness.

“Lacquered Up” – Products finished in lacquer, or synthetic lacquer-look.

“Fashionable Furniture” – Furnishings with clothing fixtures such as straps, buckles, buttons and embroidery.  

“Fun Home” – Home décor items with a genuine sense of playfulness such as lollipop pendant lights, or chairs with fanciful scalloped edging. Light and whimsical while maintaining elegance.

“Sexy Sofas” – Couches with interesting, often asymmetrical shapes that can be configured any way to suit the space.

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